General conditions of sale and delivery

We offer three remote ordering methods:

1. You contact one of our salespeople by telephone.
2. You send us an e-mail containing the details of your order.
3. You order directly via our website.

What is purchase policy?

Our purchase policy is “First pay First served”.

What is “First pay First served” policy?

We favor “First pay First served” policy for customers, which means customer who made the very first payment, shall have the entitlement of purchase. For customers who may fail to ‘First pay First served’ purchase entitlement due to the order or relatively global time difference, we sincerely apologize them and wish them a very good luck in their next orders.

In accordance of the “First pay First served” policy, the very first payment from Buyers shall be accepted and other following payment in pipeline (if occurred) shall be refunded to loosing Buyer or alternatively shall be offered to purchase any desired vehicle (in replacement) for the value of paid payment.

What is as-is basis of purchase?

Our Company sells vehicles on ‘AS-IS’ condition. Specifically vehicles are sold as how they appear and are described in our website. ‘AS-IS’ means that vehicles to be sold in the exact state, which they are, appear in pictures or mentioned in assessment sheet.

I cannot buy online because of some network problems?

If you have problem in buying online, please let us know through our feedback form or email us with your phone number and quote the Product no. of vehicle that you are aiming to buy so that we could proceed your purchase immediately.

Can I request for the vehicle that is not in virtual showroom?

If you do not find your desired vehicle(s) in virtual showroom then no worries, we flexibly offer to arrange all sorts of pre-owned vehicles which we may or may not have available in our virtual showroom, but always you can order or inquire by using “Reservation Form” in our website anytime any vehicle which enables our customers to buy the exact vehicle that they desire. We will then come to you with the prices and related details for your suitability.

Can I buy any vehicle (model & specification) from your website?

Yes you can. Nevertheless, we do not guarantee if the vehicle is allowed or forbidden to import in your country. You shall order with your full discretion and knowledge. We recommend you to investigate first of your country import regulations. If you are not sure, please contact our customer service department and we will guide you accordingly.

Can I cancel the vehicle I bought?

Yes, you can cancel the vehicle you bought if shipping has not been arranged. A cancellation fee will apply as per our sales terms article no. 11 in accordance of which you will be liable to pay 20% of invoice value. Also, cancellation of a vehicle may affect further purchase from us.

When can I confirm my purchase?

We will reserve your order by receiving 100% payment of invoice amount. When you place an order, Proforma Invoice will be issued or generated automatically (in case of online ordering), which will be the proof of your confirmed order. We will send you payment confirmation by email as soon as we received your payment.

For better understanding please read the steps How to Buy and First pay First served policy.

Can I have an extra key for my vehicle?

No, we are afraid to say that we do not duplicate the keys.

Can I add more vehicles to old order?

No, we are afraid to say that you should order again. Only one vehicle can be bought at one time.

Do you supply Left Hand Drive Vehicles?

Yes we do. All you have to do is fill out the “Vehicle Reservation Form” and let us know your requirements


Reservation Form